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Cross Site Scripting (XSS) FAQ

by Chris Morganti Sept. 9, 2017

XSS attacks are becoming a big problem and are going to become an extremely big problem if people do not educate themselves about XSS attacks and vulnerabilities. XSS vulnerabilities have been found in all sorts of websites including fbi.gov, yahoo.com, ebay.com and many other popular and important websites, a lot of administrators fail to pay attention to XSS attacks because they either don't know much about them or they do not see them as a threat. An XSS vulnerability when exploited by a s...

Laptop Security

by Ramanujam Narasimman Sept. 9, 2017

As the price of computing technology is steadily decreasing, devices like the laptops and mobile phones have become more common in use. Although these devices enhance the business functions due to their mobile access to information anytime and anywhere, they also pose a large threat as they are mobile and small. Wireless capability in these devices has also raised security concerns due to the information being transmitted over ether, which makes it hard to detect.

Episode Three: From Out of the Blue

by Robert G. Ferrell Sept. 1, 2017 via Symantec

Chasing the Wind Episode Three From Out of the Blue by Robert G. Ferrell last updated Dec. 6, 2000 It was just after two o'clock in the morning, local time,

Protecting Your Organization From Electronic MessageViruses

by Robert Grupe Sept. 1, 2017 via Symantec

The most important thing to remember about virus protection is that no system is infallible. No matter how good your anti-virus (AV) software is, and how stringent your security processes are, there is still the chance that a completely new virus will enter your organization and disrupt operations. Of course, completely isolating your systems from the Internet and removing them from external e-mail will greatly minimize your exposure; however, in today's digital economy that is no longer a pr...

Protecting Your Workplace: 10 Anti-Virus Rules

by Kaspersky Lab Sept. 1, 2017 via www.symantec.com

Protecting Your Workplace: 10 Anti-Virus Rules by Denis Zenkin , Kaspersky Lab last updated Feb. 5, 2001 Regardless of how one makes his or her living, computers and


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