A Practical Approach to Message Encryption

by Edward Skerke
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute Encryption & Authentication email issues

The intent of this paper is to provide a description of my journey of investigation for a practical mechanism of encrypting message content, emphasizing on the mail encryption provided by ZixMailï›› and ZixMail.Netï›› services offered by the Zixitï›› Corporation. The content of this paper will explain the need these products fill from a security and business perspective by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of these products. I will highlight and compare the features of Zixitï›› 's service, offering my experiences with those of the popular email encryption product PGPï››. I believe that after you read this document you will be convinced that the Zixitï›› Corporation provides a practical service that fills a void in the secure messaging arena.