A Taxonomy of Information Systems Audits, Assessments and Reviews

by Craig Wright
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute Pen Testing & Audits auditing & assessment

Common misconceptions plague information systems audit as to the nature of security, audit and assessment types and definitions. The dissertation aims at being a definitive guide to define the terminology and detail the related methodologies across the range of information assurance services. The idea is to not only detail and define the types of audit, assessment inspections [etc], but to compare and evaluate the various strengths and benefits of each in a simple and referential critique that may remove an abstraction of error and confusion surrounding these services. The paper will cover the types, history and basis for each type of service. The paper statistically compares the strengths and weaknesses of each and sets out a scientifically repeatable foundation for the deterministic nomenclature used in the industry.