An Introduction to OpenSSL Part One

by Holt Sorenson
Sept. 23, 2017 1 comment Symantec Encryption & Authentication openssl

This is the first article in a four-part series on OpenSSL, a library written in the C programming language that provides routines for cryptographic primitives utilized in implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. OpenSSL also includes routines for implementing the SSL protocol itself, and it includes an application called openssl that provides a command line interface to both sets of routines. This articles introduce some cryptographic tools that the SSL protocol has borrowed from cryptographer's bags of tricks to accomplish its design goals. While readers who are already familiar with cryptographic concepts may be familiar with the content presented in this installment, the following "Brief Overview of Cryptographic Primitives" section should nevertheless be interesting reading and will certainly set up the rest of this discussion.

Irina Alexandra Negrii 7 months, 1 week ago

this is what i call a interesting paper..very good ideea..can't wait for the next part