Anonymizing with Squid Proxy

by Anton Chuvakin
Sept. 23, 2017 0 comments Symantec Management firewall

To surf or not to surf - that is the question pondered by many employees before using the company Internet connection to check their stocks or follow the breaking news on the Net. And while many companies do not have a "no surfing" policy, it is reasonable to suspect that the security administrator is keeping an eye on the firewall logs; after all, that is his job, right? The debate over the ethics of using an employer's system to surf the Net is ongoing. Employee privacy rights and whether or not the company owns the contents of employees' machines are just two facets of it. The opportunity for system administrators to view personal information disclosed through Web surfing may also pose serious security concerns, as many ill-designed Web interfaces embed the usernames and passwords in the URL string. Concealing the URL of a visited site from prying eyes makes a lot of sense. In such cases, the need for anonymous web access may well be justified.