Anti-Spam Solutions and Security, Part 2

by Dr. Neal Krawetz
Sept. 25, 2017 1 comment Symantec Encryption & Authentication

As a brief review from part one of this article series, current anti-spam solutions fall into four primary categories: filters, reverse lookups, challenges, and cryptography. Each of these solutions offers some relief to the spam problem, but they also have significant limitations. The first article looked at filters and reverse lookup solutions. This second part now focuses on the various types of challenge-based systems and cryptographic solutions. While there are many different aspects to these solutions, this paper only discusses the most common and significant concerns -- this paper is not intended to be a complete listing of implementation options, solutions, and issues.

2flash 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Even more solutions hehe :) I was happy to read this second part, though few of them are not of great use today anymore :)