Basic Travel Security Revisited

by Thomas Palmer
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute travel security

The purpose of this paper is to survey and expand on the techniques put fort h by other aut hors (1, 2,3) to keep lapt ops "saf e" while they are out side the prot ect ion afforded by a properly conf igured and maint ained net work. It is not what securit y prof essionals do when they travel because simply put they should know bet ter, rat her it is what employees do when they travel. Furt hermore, if traveling employees are informed of securit y procedures in terms that they can underst and and independent ly implement then they should see that they have a stake in the fate of the lapt op they carry. Ult imat ely, users are going to have to answer to federal or state aut horit ies alone whet her or not they comply wit h securit y procedures or not . When this process has come full circle users would be more willing to comply wit h other more technical procedures that they may not un...