Binders and Malware (Part 2)

by Don Parker
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix malware

In part one we left off having configured the Optix Pro server as our piece of malware. It is this trojan server that we will graft on to the legitimate game program called Pong.exe, using the binder program called YAB. A binder is a program that will take two executable files and combine them together. It is important to realize that by “combine” I do not mean mixing the two of them together, much as you would the ingredients for a cake. The binder YAB will take both the trojan server and the game Pong.exe and place them one after the other. Think of it like a 12 inch ruler being divided into two six inch parts that nonetheless make up a total of 12 inches. This will be clearly displayed a little later on in a screenshot, so don’t worry if you are still feeling a bit confused, as it is a confusing concept to understand.