Can Viruses Be Detected?

by Jennifer Lapell
Sept. 18, 2017 0 comments Symantec

Think Ebola. That's what happened to Denis Tumpic. Not the real Ebola virus, but its catastrophic twin in the computer world. He turned on his computer one morning, and it refused to boot. At first, he thought the message that came up was a joke: "Your Amiga is alive." It was no joke, though. "What's that line from Jurassic Park?" he muses. "Life finds a way." Like the fabled sorcerer's apprentice, a virus had been eating away bit by bit at Tumpic's system, corrupting his data behind his back. It took weeks before it cleared its throat and roared to get his attention. And by the time he noticed that anything was wrong, his operating system, programs and data were corrupted beyond recognition.