Can Your Web Server Be Toppled with a Single Co...

Oct. 8, 2017 1 comment ADMIN Magazine Pen Testing & Audits firewall

You've carefully considered the hardware you need for your new web server. You've spent time meticulously tuning your database, and your colleagues have spent weeks developing your cutting-edge application. Let's not fail to mention the weeks of work that your top-dollar designers have tirelessly put in so they can break the mold and produce a ground-breaking website. You think that your job's done, and you're even looking forward to a holiday. Your site goes live and receives all the coveted praise you'd hoped for. Your testy boss is even verging on looking happy for a change. Then disaster strikes. One afternoon somebody in another country with too much time on their hands, using a perfectly legitimate and commonplace testing tool, brings your precious site to its knees with a simple command line of just a few characters, using a single broadband connection. The threat of such an attack is very real. Even a well designed, purpose-built and high-capacity infrastructure can be cripp...

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