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Upgrading Netcat shells to Meterpreter sessions

Oct. 8, 2017 via Hacking Tutorials

In the Hacking with Netcat part 2 tutorial we have learned how to work with reverse shells and bind shells in Netcat. As we’ve learned from this tutorial these shells are cmd or Bash shells bound to Netcat using the -e option or reverse shells setup with Bash, Python, PHP or any other (scripting) language. The reverse shell gives us control over the target host in the context of the user who initiated the shell. This is great stuff but what if you want to run local Metasploit privilege escala...

The Art of Network Vulnerability Assessment - InfoSec Resources

by Irfan Shakeel Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

This ebook discusses the concept, setup and implementation of a successful vulnerability assessment on any network using Nessus. You will get a chance to learn the practical steps that should be taken while conducting an assessment, you will also learn the foundation of the assessment and how it is different than penetration testing.

Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology eBook - InfoSec Resources

by Rorot Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

This comprehensive eBook dives deep into Penetration Testing Methodology, covering Security in the SDLC, Information Gathering, Vulnerability Testing, a breakdown of the OWASP Top 10, Risk Ratings/Assessment and Reporting. A live case study is conducted and the book is completely FREE! Click the button below for your free copy!

Advanced Pentesting Techniques with Metasploit - InfoSec Resources

by Tri Sumarno Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

In this mini-course, you will learn about some of the advanced penetration testing techniques used with Metasploit. It is expected that the reader has a basic understanding of metasploit. Some background knowledge for those lacking can be found here. We will describe several techniques , including scanning the target; fuzzing the target, as well enacting a bruteforce attack.

Privilege Escalation without Automated Tools - InfoSec Resources

by Srinivas Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

This book acts as an introduction to those who know how to use Metasploit and do not know what happens behind the screens. If you can’t judge your knowledge level, just see if any of the following questions blows your mind. If yes, this book is for you.

MongoDB Pentesting for Absolute Beginners - InfoSec Resources

by InfoSec Resources Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

Are you a security freak looking to learn MongoDB penetration testing? If so, our eBook “MongoDB Pentesting for Absolute Beginners” is the perfect way to pick up the basics. This book explains common misconfigurations seen in MongoDB and walks the readers through the basics. A lab is then setup followed by assessments which include Identifying and fixing NoSQL Injection and automated assessments with NoSQLMAP.

Wireless Attacks Unleashed

by Chintan Gurjar Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

As we all know, wireless networks are spread at each and every part of the world, starting from personal home to corporate business environments, schools/universities, cafes, etc. The major merit of wireless networking is to eliminate the big and untidy cables, which acquires space and unspoils the look of your working area. But as we all know, each coin has two sides. There are demerits of wireless networking as well. It comes with high possibility of attacks on it. In this article I am goin...

Adobe CQ Pentesting Guide – Part 1

by Shubham Mittal Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

This post deals with the step-by-step security testing guidelines for Adobe CQ installation. Adobe CQ is Adobe’s new Web Experience Management software portfolio which provides easy-to-use web apps for creating, managing and delivering online experiences to its users. It also supports integration with other Adobe products. CQ provides a unified suite of management tools which includes Web Content Management, Marketing Campaign Management, and Digital Asset Management applications. As I was ...

The Compliance Shell Game

by Aaron Bossert Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

Shakespeare would probably turn over in his grave knowing that I have used one of his more famous passages from Romeo and Juliet in this context. Shakespeare’s words can be used to draw two parallels: First, compliance is directed by enabling standards that may include the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the Payment Card Industry (PCI), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and many more. Though each of th...

Social Media use in the Military Sector

by Pierluigi Paganini Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

ocial media has assumed a fundamental role in today’s society. It is a technology with the highest penetration level, as billions of people are connected through the principal global platforms by sharing experiences, documents and media. An audience this large is exposed daily to all kinds of cyber threats, and represents a paradise for attackers due to the low level of awareness and the possibility to hit a large number of users at the same time. Typically, the attacks exploit the concept ...

PRISM – Facts, Doubts, Laws and Loopholes

by Pierluigi Paganini Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

Edward Snowden is the name of a 29-year-old technical assistant for the Central Intelligence Agency who disclosed the largest surveillance program implemented by the US known as the PRISM program. For better or for worse, his name is destined to enter into history. The Guardian identified Edward Snowden as a technical assistant who worked for US Intelligence at the National Security Agency for the last four years for various defense contractors. Currently he is an employee of security defense...

BackTrack Linux: The Ultimate Hacker's Arsenal

by Ken Hess Oct. 6, 2017 via ADMIN Magazine

Penetration (Pen) testing and security auditing are now part of every system administrator's "other duties as assigned." BackTrack Linux (http://www.backtrack-linux.org/ ) is a custom distribution designed for security testing for all skill levels from novice to expert. It is the largest collection of wireless hacking, server exploiting, web application assessing, social-engineering tools available in a single Linux distribution. BackTrack Linux is a fine example of a specialized Linux distri...

Can Your Web Server Be Toppled with a Single Co...

Oct. 6, 2017 via ADMIN Magazine

You've carefully considered the hardware you need for your new web server. You've spent time meticulously tuning your database, and your colleagues have spent weeks developing your cutting-edge application. Let's not fail to mention the weeks of work that your top-dollar designers have tirelessly put in so they can break the mold and produce a ground-breaking website. You think that your job's done, and you're even looking forward to a holiday. Your site goes live and receives all the coveted...

Attack Techniques

Oct. 6, 2017 via ADMIN Magazine

A penetration tester simulates an attack on a customer’s network by trying to find a way inside. Many such attacks begin using a scanning tool, such as NeXpose, Nessus, or Nmap, to look for network vulnerabilities; however, several of the leading Intrusion Detection/Protection systems are capable of alerting the network owner when a scan is in process. Rather than scanning for an open port, a devious alternative is to email a payload to the victim that will allow the attacker to establish a f...

URL Tricks with htaccess

Oct. 6, 2017 via ADMIN Magazine

Hark back to those halcyon days when the GIF89a and the blink tag ruled the web page and the most common use of htaccess on the nascent Apache HTTP Server was password protecting a directory. As you can imagine, now that Apache’s feature set has grown significantly richer, you have a host of useful ways to use htaccess. More recently, htaccess has gained popularity as a conduit to mod_rewrite , where it has been used to create aesthetically pleasing (and as a result, search engine-friendly) U...

OpenSCAP: Security Compliance with OpenSCAP

Oct. 6, 2017 via ADMIN Magazine

A word of warning: This article contains an above average number of acronyms. This has nothing to do with the fact that I like to save time while I’m writing articles; it has more to do with the fact that the IT world loves abbreviations and that this trend becomes more extreme the more academic and official the topic. And, if government organizations have their say in defining standards, things start to get really serious – but more on that later. Whatever happens, just remember, I warned yo...

Gift-Wrapped Security

Oct. 6, 2017 via ADMIN Magazine

Many years ago I remember somebody mentioning that rather than running a firewall, they were just using TCP Wrappers. This piqued my interest because all my customers talked about when it came to Internet security was how much their proprietary firewall had cost them or which bundled features with their firewall guaranteed greater security for their servers. Admittedly, it goes against the grain – and more than just a little – to totally dismiss firewalls, but you might be surprised to hear t...

Side Channel Attacks

Oct. 6, 2017 via ADMIN Magazine

If you believe the movies, expert hackers only need to type a few cryptic characters at the command line to gain full access to the target within seconds. In reality, however, attacks on IT systems are usually not so easy to accomplish. Instead, the attacker sometimes needs days or weeks to succeed. During this time, the intruder explores the system to find a way around defensive measures, determines the best strategy for the attack, and avoids telltale log entries. Such attacks often occur i...

Discovering SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

Oct. 6, 2017 via ADMIN Magazine

Within a couple of hours , an experienced Internet attack specialist can bring your server infrastructure to its knees. In many cases, the barn door through which the attackers gain entry is a classic bug in a web application: an SQL injection vulnerability. SQL injection, which has been known for around 12 years, is still one of the hacker’s most popular tools. This article presents real-life examples of SQL injection attack vectors, explains how carelessness can cause them, and shows how fa...

The RADOS Object Store and Ceph Filesystem: Part 3

Oct. 6, 2017 via ADMIN Magazine

Access control to existing storage is an important topic. If you are offering your users tailor-made storage areas, you will usually also want to ensure that users do not have access to any other users’ storage. In Ceph, this is exactly what CephX does: on the one hand, CephX ensures that administrative work is only carried out by authorized admins; on the other, it controls access to storage by normal users. But there’s a flaw – although the mechanism is still reasonably easy to enable (in t...


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