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Certified Ethical Hacker - Part 2 - Footprinting and Reconnaissance

by Riazul H. Rozen Oct. 22, 2017

Footprinting is the science of gathering information on a target’s network system. It allows the attacker be privy to certain kinds of sensitive information, which in essence narrows down the area of attack for the hackers. Footprinting if pulled of correctly can cause huge financial losses for the target organization

Certified Ethical Hacker - Part 1- Introduction to Ethical Hacking

by Riazul H. Rozen Oct. 8, 2017

Ethical hacking is the legal breaching of an organizations defence system, for the sole purpose of finding and fixing security loopholes. Ethical hacking, is still hacking nonetheless and there are some rules/laws governing this activity.

Guide to the CISSP : The CISSP Domains - InfoSec Resources

by Darren Dalasta Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

Over the course of the this 45-Page eBook, we’ll take a look at each one of the domains; give you some insight into what (ISC)² is looking for in that area; give you some supplemental reading material; and by the time we’re done, you should have the foundation of the information you’ll need to pass the CISSP exam as well as to succeed in your security professional career. You will go into your CISSP boot camp well-prepared and come out with your certification!

CISSP Domain #1 Cheat Sheet: Security and Risk Management - InfoSec Resources

by InfoSec Resources Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

Our new Cheat Sheet on the first domain of the CISSP, “Security and Risk Management,” covers all the major focus areas you need to know for the exam! Our easy to digest PDF will help you narrow your focus when studying, cut through the fluff, and focus on what’s actually covered on the exam.

CISSP Domains: 2015 Update - InfoSec Resources

by InfoSec Resources Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

(ISC)2 has made several major changes to the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) which will be reflected in the exam, starting April of this year. We isolated the major changes and compiled everything you need to know into a FREE eBook to help focus your studies and keep you up to date!

CISSP Cryptography Mini Course - InfoSec Resources

by Dalasta Darren Oct. 7, 2017 via INFOSEC Institute

The cryptography section on the CISSP exam has proven to be one of the most difficult domains for many of our students. This short course takes you through the domain as it relates to the CISSP exam. This is also a great primer for anybody interested in learning cryptography in general.

Security+ Exam Overview

by Lavlit Sen Sept. 30, 2017

Security+ is a prestigious security certification which is very much vendor-specific & neutral. The certification holder is known as the well-equipped technically skilled professionals having a good knowledge in diversified branches of the security. Security + is approved by the department of defense of the USA, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman. It was first announced in 2011. IT security experts before 2011 can obtain certification as a stable document, with no requirements for renewals.

GIAC Exam Preparation

Sept. 24, 2017 via giac.org

GIAC is the hands-on certification. If the subject matter is new, then you may need more time to study. If have 10 years experience in the field, then you have an advantage. Use practice exams to assess your skills.

Comprehensive Security+ Study Guide

Sept. 23, 2017 via www.auburn.edu

Comprehensive study guide for CompTIA Security+ Exam


Sept. 23, 2017 via cccure.training

Below you have the list of new domains on the left and the new topics that were introduced within each of the domains on the left. I welcome your help to complete it with even more details. If you know of topics and links that could be added, please send an email to support@cccure.com and let me know.

Building and Maintaining a "Certifiable" Workforce

by Robert J. Mavretich Sept. 1, 2017 via SANS Institute

When picking up a newspaper or reading an online journal, (CNN, Fox, WSJ, New York Times, etc.) it is hard to escape the unemployment statistics both domestically and internationally.


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