Collaborative endpoint security, part one

by Ivan Arce, Eduardo Arias Sept. 1, 2017 via Symantec

Protecting endpoint systems such as desktop computers and servers is an important part of any reasonably well-thought security strategy for both enterprise networks and home computers. The outbreak of devastating worms and email-borne viruses plus the damage and lost productivity of SPAM and spyware have brought to the public the mantra many security experts have been chanting for more than a decade: "...defense in-depth, defense in-depth, defense in-depth...". In part one of this article we introduce endpoint security solution technologies and analyze some of the technical challenges they face in providing effective security to Internet users and organizations. A collaborative approach that relies on cooperation between not only software components, but also between the users of endpoint security solutions is proposed as a plausible way to addressed these challenges.

2flash 3 weeks, 3 days ago

A pretty decent presentation on endpoint security. Easy to understand and useful to read!