Configuring IPSec and Ike on Solaris, Part Two

by Ido Dubrawsky
Sept. 24, 2017 0 comments Symantec ike ipsec solaris

The first installment of this series covered the underlying IPsec protocols as well as how the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) works. This article will discuss configuring IPsec to protect the traffic between two Solaris hosts. In this case, data confidentiality between the two hosts is not of concern however the integrity of the data is. The reference design for this configuration is shown in Figure 1 below. Two Solaris hosts, both running Solaris 8 10/01, are connected via a switch. This is not a very typical scenario but one that can be used between two hosts that are protecting the confidentiality of the transmitted traffic through other means such as Kerberos or Secure Shell.