Covert Channels Over Social Networks

by Jose Selvi
Sept. 1, 2017 1 comment SANS Institute social engineering

While anti-malware software companies often concentrate on host based detection, network administrators work trying to detect and block unwanted or suspicious network communications. These network communications are needed by many malware applications in order to communicate with a coder or botmaster, since most of the malware needs to connect to a command and control console to report back stolen information. There are only a few known fully independent malwares, for instance Stuxnet (Falliere, O'Murchu & Chien, 2011), which is designed to work without Internet connection and without human control. However, this is not a common architecture in the malware industry today

2flash 8 months ago

I don't know why I have a feeling that this is strongly encouraged by the SEO thing as well... well written piece!