Database Security

by Steve Lynch
Oct. 8, 2017 0 comments INFOSEC Institute Encryption & Authentication

Database security is one of the most important topics that have been discussed among security personnel. The growing number of incidents proves that it’s something that should be taken care of immediately. Database security should provide controlled and protected access to the members and also should preserve the overall quality of the data. We must understand the issues and challenges related to database security and should be able to provide a solution. The threat to database depends on various factors like network security, physical security, encryption, authentication, etc. The data sensitivity differs for different organizations. There may be customer data, financial records, and many other types of valuable information within its database. It’s very important to protect such data from internal and external attacks. There should be periodic audits to check the vulnerabilities and flaws that exist in the database. Some flaws arise through neglecting the security factor at the ti...