Decision Criteria and Analysis for Hardware-Based Encryption

by Eric Cole, PhD
Sept. 1, 2017 1 comment SANS Institute Encryption & Authentication

Organizations trying to balance the risk of data breaches against the inconvenience, latency and cost of encrypting every bit of valuable data often balk at the trade-off. But with the volume of digital data growing and computing environments becoming more complex and accessible, the ratio of cost to benefit has improved and encryption is now far more common in organizations that rely heavily on Internet- or cloud-connected applications for significant business functions.

Irina Alexandra Negrii 7 months, 1 week ago

criteria helps organizations todecide which applications or data would benefit most from hardware-based encryption and key protection. The criteria are designed to make those decisions repeatable, consistent, and specific for any application, based on the organization’s sensitivity to cost, risk tolerance, and performance requirements