DNC hack a symptom of a bigger problem

by John Casaretto
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix hacking & cyberattacks

The hacks perpetrated on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have provoked angst and concern. Many have made the case this was a Russian operation, although other theories exist. But the full implications about what it means in a turbulent election year have yet to be seen, especially if more leaks are revealed. Akin to the Watergate scandal of more than 40 years ago, the seedy world of political power players is on full display. As if anyone needed to be reminded, one thing is clear: No system can be 100 percent secured. There is always an element of weakness at some point along the security chain. The fact that this incident has vast political ramifications may make it bigger than other cybersecurity breaches, but the methods used were probably no different than those employed in past hacks, and will be employed again in future hacks.