Establishing and Verifying the Stunnel SSL Encryption of Pine IMAP Email Sessions

by Christopher Ursich
Sept. 1, 2017 1 comment SANS Institute Encryption & Authentication case studies

IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol) is a mail access protocol primarily characterized by comparison with the older and more familiar POP (Post Office Protocol) protocol. When a mail user agent (MUA) (commonly termed an "email client") uses POP to access mail, the MUA downloads the messages to the local system, and usually deletes them from the server. The principal copy of the messages is now stored locally. In contrast, in an IMAP system, the principal copy of messages remains on the server until it is eventually deleted. This system allows users to access their mail from multiple locations and/or using multiple devices. ([MANAGING-IMAP])

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amazing found an very inspired way to present it