Eternalromance: Exploiting Windows Server 2003

Oct. 8, 2017 0 comments Hacking Tutorials Pen Testing & Audits

Eternalromance is another SMBv1 exploit from the leaked NSA exploit collection and targets Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. In the last hacking tutorial we have demonstrated how an unauthenticated attacks can exploit a Windows 7 target that is vulnerable to Eternalblue using Fuzzbunch, DoublePulsar and Empire. In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to exploit a Windows 2003 R2 SP2 Enterprise installation using the Eternalromance exploit in Fuzzbunch. The exploit process is pretty similar to Eternalblue except that we have to use DoublePulsar to generate shellcode that will be used by the Eternalromance exploit. Any other shellcode than DoublePulsar will not work and causes a BSOD.