Exchange 2000 in the Enterprise: Tips and Tricks Part Three

by Timothy M. Mullen
Sept. 24, 2017 0 comments Symantec Encryption & Authentication exchange2000 owa

Welcome to Part Three of our two-part series on Exchange2000 in the Enterprise! It seems that we had a bit too much content to cover in just two articles, so we bolted on a third. When we left off in the last article, we had finished talking about Exchange and OWA, and some of the security ramifications of direct server access and front-end server models. After a simple recommendation to use IPSec between front-end and back-end servers to ensure the encryption of credentials passed by the required Basic Authentication model, I realized how often that recommendation is made without providing step-by-step instructions on how to do so. Since we have a little more room to talk in this segment, let's go over just how to do that.