Field Guide Part One

by Timothy E. Wright
Sept. 17, 2017 0 comments Symantec Detection & Response

As computers and the Internet continue to pervade and invade our lives, the potential for harm caused by computer crime increases manifold. Unfortunately, there is a deficit of information about what computer crime is, and how it should be investigated. As a result, such criminal acts become more widespread and costly to our society each year. The relatively new field of Computer Forensics attempts to manage this problem by providing a thorough, efficient, and secure means of investigating computer crime. This article and those which follow, will endeavor to provide a field guide for the computer fraud and abuse investigator. In a plain and approachable manner, this guide will cover a generic method for the application of computer forensics. Beginning here with a discussion of the basics, the field guide will address questions and issues fundamental to investigating computer crime, and detail a method for doing search and seizures of physical computer evidence, and information discover