First Look at Windows Vista: Secure at Last?

by Deb Shinder
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix windows client security

Last week at the MVP global summit in Redmond, I had the opportunity to hear from a number of Microsoft insiders, the guys who actually wrote the code, about their goals and philosophy in creating the new OS and included components such as Internet Explorer 7.0. I was encouraged by what I heard: defense in depth was a concept that kept coming up over and over again. Multi-layered security is the only way to provide real protection, and MS’s commitment to making fundamental changes in the architecture to support that type of protection will give Vista a big security edge over older Windows operating systems. Another philosophical position we’re hearing a lot out of MS employees has to do with “integration of the edge,” or the idea that the Internet is the network. This goes along with the well publicized “death of the DMZ” concept promulgated by Steve Riley, one of the senior program managers in Microsoft’s Security Business Unit (you can download Steve’s presentation on this topic ...