FOCUS on Sun: Hardening Solaris - Creating a Diamond in the Rough Part One

by Hal Flynn
Sept. 19, 2017 0 comments Symantec Apps & Hardening

This document outlines the creation a of Diamond in the Rough, a server hardened to network intruders attempting to gain access through service exploits, both known and unknown. This document is not intended to detail the hardening of a system for local users, nor is it intended to provide the final say in what services should and should not be permitted on production systems. In this text we will examine services that run by default, and discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of disabling these services. As shutting down every service isn't always possible, approaching systems with a regimented security paradigm and justification of business needs will help determine exactly what is needed in your environment. It is impossible to create one model that applies to all systems. The purpose of each system varies as widely as people and personalities. In essence, the goal is to mine the raw stone. You, the jeweler, polish and cut the stone into a fine piece, deciding how you want it to lo