For Cybercriminals, IoT Devices are Big Business, Part Two

by Anthony Giandomenico
Sept. 30, 2017 1 comment Pen Testing & Audits crime iot

Because cybercriminals are focusing more on attacks that target critical infrastructure based on new, interconnected technologies, they don’t have to spend enormous resources and development cycles on figuring out how to break into these systems using complex zero-day attacks. Instead, they can spend more of their resources on making their exploits more difficult to detect, more effective by introducing things like worm capabilities to spread infections further and faster, adding multivector capabilities in order to run exploits on a wider range of vulnerable systems, and developing intelligent, multilayered malware that provides a lot of options for stealing data or compromising systems.

negrii_irina88 7 months, 3 weeks ago

far more interesting that part 1..a very good research..must say that i enjoyed it so much