Free NT Security Tools

by Douglas Orey
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute tools

One im por tant security issue i s not having the too ls to secure your netwo rk. T hose indi vidual s who use Linux are l ucky enough to have goo d security to ols devel oped t hat they can use f or free. Unfortunately that hasn’t al ways been the case for NT. No t o nly do we not have the too ls to use but security isn’t even a real part of our traini ng. Things of course are changing now....and for the better. NT Admi nistrato rs now can star t taking contro l of the security of thei r systems. We can now enjoy a l ot of the free to ols that Linux Admi nistrato rs enjoy. Ho w many tim es have you t yped in netstat – a and viewed the results wondering...”why are so many por ts open and listening on m y computer and what services is l istening on those po rts”? Now if y our new to t his l ike m e your next question is. How do you fi nd out what has these por ts open?