Got a smart TV? Watch out for ransomware

by X -CIO
Sept. 1, 2017 1 comment TechGenix ransomware

If you’ve got a smart TV, beware: it’s another target for ransomware hackers. Infosecurity reports that your TV may be the next hit on the cyber attack trail. According to the report, Android’s Frantic Locker, or FLocker for short, detected as ANDROIDOS_FLOCKER.A, is making its way into your entertainment device. This 13-month-old piece of ransomware has mutated into more than 7,000 variants, with its creator consistently making adjustments to the software to avoid detection. The latest version locks TV screens under the guise of being the “US Cyber Police” (or similar, as the variant that may hit your smart TV–and it hopefully won’t–could have another lockscreen display).

2flash 8 months ago

At least on TV, I am not sure what ransomware could block.. I can always master reset it...