Group Policy related changes in Windows Server 2008 – Part 1: What are Starter GPOs?

by Jakob H. Heidelberg
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix Management windows client security

In this article we will discuss “Starter GPOs”. With Starter GPOs you get the ability to save baseline templates to use when creating new Group Policy Objects (GPO). These templates can actually be exported to other domain environments, giving you enhanced flexibility. The next articles in this series will deal with the new features of Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) version 2.0, new policy settings for Windows Server 2008, Group Policy Preferences Extensions and much more… Please note that some of the information in this article series is based on information from the Beta versions of Windows Server 2008 (Beta 3, RC0 and RC1). So, some features and dialog boxes may change a bit before the final release.