Hacking with Netcat part 2: Bind and reverse shells

Oct. 8, 2017 0 comments Hacking Tutorials Pen Testing & Audits

In part 1 of the Hacking with Netcat tutorials we have learned the very basics of Netcat. Now it is time to dive deeper into the most popular and common usage of Netcat: Setting up bind shells and reverse shells. In this tutorial we will be learning about the difference between a bind shell and a reverse shell and how to use them. Quite often Netcat is not present on systems as it could be considered as a potential security issue. In these cases we will learn about how to use other tools and programming languages than Netcat which replaces some functionality to setup a reverse shell. Programming and script languages like Python, PHP, Perl and Bash are great alternatives. We will conclude this tutorial with how to use bind shells.