Hardening Windows 2000 in the Enterprise Part Three: Seeing the Forest in Spite of the Trees

by Timothy M. Mullen Sept. 1, 2017 via Symantec

Well, we are finally here. Over the first two installments of this series, we've been building up to this part, and I must say, I'm excited. Though we've covered quite a bit in the way of security settings on Win2k, we have really only scratched the surface of a deeply powerful policy management system. The Local Security Policy can take us part of the way, but it can't deliver us safely to where we really want to go: a place called "security". Of course, security is a relative term: it doesn't really mean anything by itself - we have to compare it to something. For these discussions, it will be a "before and after" comparison of our systems of when they come out of the box and how they are after an effective Group Policy is applied.