Hidden Risk of Biometric Identifier and How to Avoid Them

by Thomas Keenan
Sept. 18, 2017 1 comment Black Hat belen_caty Encryption & Authentication

Technology that identifies you by something you are is showing up in e-passports, laptop login screens, smart firearms and even consumer products, like the iPhone. Current generation systems generally use static biometric features, such as fingerprints, iris scans and facial recognition, either measured directly or mediated through a device, such as a smartphone. Like all new technologies, advances in biometrics will bring new advantages and also new risks. This presentation surveys cutting edge biometric technologies and provides a framework for evaluating them from the perspectives of security, reliability, privacy, potential for abuse and perceived creepiness. Learn what is coming down the biometrics road now, so you'll be ready to intelligently choose and implement these technologies as they come on the market in the near future.


Steven Ulm 9 months, 1 week ago

Biometric identifiers are now everywhere already and cause a huge polemic especially in the EU (as well as in the States).