"Holistic" Enterprise Anti-Virus Protection

by Paul Schmehl
Sept. 24, 2017 0 comments Symantec holistic

The year 2001 was the year of the enterprise virus attack. Code Red and Code Red II, Nimda, SirCam, Badtrans and Magistr all spread widely and all affected enterprises adversely. E-mail servers were stressed and in some cases shut down under the load of viral messages. Vulnerable web servers were compromised and were taken offline to be rebuilt from backups. Sensitive corporate documents were e-mailed around the world. Trojan horses were planted on corporate computers and passwords and keystrokes of corporate users were e-mailed off to various accounts where the data could be sorted and used later for further compromise. After this onslaught, IT professionals worldwide took a deep breath over the holidays and wondered what would happen in 2002.