How New Delegation of Authentication Options Improve Security

by Deb Shinder Sept. 1, 2017 via TechGenix

When we discuss authentication, or the process of verifying identity in order to grant access, we usually think about users and computers needing to be authenticated. However, when services (programs that provide functionality to support other programs) need to access network resources to do their jobs, they also must be authenticated. If they didn’t, this would create a huge security hole that could be exploited. Service can impersonate user or computer accounts to gain the access they need; when they are allowed to do so, they’re said to be trusted for delegation. Then that service can use other network services by impersonating a user.

Irina Alexandra Negrii 4 days, 5 hours ago

security account delegation provides the ability to connect to multiple servers, and each server change retains the authentication credentials of the original client.