How to hack UPC wireless networks and other WLAN pt 1

Oct. 8, 2017 0 comments Hacking Tutorials Pen Testing & Audits kali

In this tutorials we will show you how to hack UPC wireless networks with the default password which is a common thing for many UPC customers. The first step is to create a password list which contains all possible combinations of 8 capital letters. We will be using Maskprocessor in Kali Linux to create the password list. Than we will be capturing a 4 way handshake with Airodump-ng by deauthentication of a connected client with Aireplay-ng. The last step is to brute force the password using Aicrack-ng. In part 2 of this tutorial we will be using oclHashcat with the power of GPU since CPU will take way too much time with this passwords list.