IBM's Cluster 1600 Security Aspects

by John Belliveau
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute unix issues

This paper discusses the new Internat ional Busi ness Machin es (IBM) Co rpo rat ion envi ronment known as Clus ter 160 0, the softwar e at t he heart of the envi ro nment, and the security features of this software. In combin ation with IBM's Unix oper ating system, AIX, the Cluster 1600 environm ent is based on IBM's Parall el System Suppo rt Pro grams. These software p ackages provide security f eatur es that addr ess secu re remot e admin istration, cent ralized and secure passwor d admin istration, delegation o f root autho rity, log moni toring, and fi le auditin g. Cluster 1600 t akes secur ity seriously . It pro vides sim plif ied and centralized admin istrat ion that gives a system ad ministrator t he appropriate t oo ls to be eff ective.