Impact of Technology on Wireless Security

by Ricky M. and Monique L. Magalhaes
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix Apps & Hardening mobile & wireless security

Wireless enables much opportunity for technological advancement but wireless has the potential to bring additional security risk as well. Wireless works well at sufficient speed with little disruption and enables capabilities that otherwise may have been more arduous without. Wireless electricity is even likely to be on its way. As the tech is evolving rapidly, it is difficult to stay abreast of all the changes, and this will continue to be the case. We are becoming a society with amplified connectivity, not only are individuals continuously online so are devices, appliances and smart products, most of the time we are unaware that we are even connected, and this will only escalate with time. A robust, unfailing and secure wireless connection is now a prerequisite more than ever. I refer to wireless works as 3D networks that can be reached even when outside of the building.