Implementing Networks Taps with Network Intrusion Detection Systems

by Nathan Einwechter
Sept. 24, 2017 1 comment Symantec Detection & Response network taps

Over the past decade or so, the use of switches to replace hubs has increased substantially. This is largely due to the increased size of networks, and the requirement for increasingly faster and more efficient networks. On most networks, the data must now be dependable and timely. This transition from hubs to switches, however, has generated a conflict with already deployed and designed network intrusion detection systems. To combat design conflicts between network intrusion detection systems (NIDS) and switches, network taps were created. Network taps essentially allow all traffic on a network device to be monitored. Network taps are also very useful for passive network troubleshooting and analysis. Further, the tap makes the related NIDS system more secure, preventing attackers from being able to directly attack the NIDS system. T

2flash 7 months, 1 week ago

Great guide on Implementing Networks Taps! the NIDS system is the better choice for this.