Installing djbdns for Name Service Part Two

by Jeremy Rauch
Sept. 19, 2017 0 comments Symantec

Traditionally, BIND has been the nameserver of choice when doing name service on a Unix system. Like many of its close relatives, such as sendmail, it was designed at a time when the internet wasn't even known as the internet, and security wasn't a concern. This has caused more than a few problems over the years, and many point to the age of its codebase, and lack of designed-in security as part of the problem. djbdns, formerly known collectively as DNScache,is a replacement for BIND, written by Dan Bernstein, the author of qmail, a mail transport agent that has been rapidly growing in popularity in the last few years. djbdns, like qmail, was written as a replacement to the traditional program used for its service, keeping the needs and requirements of the modern internet in mind.