Introduction to Controlling the Integrity of the File System

by Adrian Stolarski
Oct. 8, 2017 0 comments INFOSEC Institute Detection & Response

Do you remember my article about physical security? If so, this article can be seen as its development. If there it is more focused on the security of an organization, I think I now will give two, maximum three articles on physical security of our own PC. However, I have a modest and quiet hope that they are useful for administrators to Linux and Unix, and not just their regular users. Introduction Sometimes it happens that an attacker manages to take control of our system. Then their first step is to modify the system in such a way that the intrusion detection system is unable to perform its functions. How can we be safe from this threat? We can do only one thing, namely, we can carry out such a thing as checking the integrity of our system before it is about to start.