Joanna Rutkowska Reveals Her Process for Security Research

by InfoSec Institute
Oct. 7, 2017 0 comments INFOSEC Institute Encryption & Authentication

In our ongoing series of interviews, Joanna Rutkowska answered a few questions and pulled back the curtain a bit on the methods, tools and motivation for the work she does. Joanna Rutkowska is a strange combination of a security researcher and a system-level architect. She is the Founder of Invisible Things Lab and well known for her research exposing various security problems in operating and virtualization systems, and also a number of hardware technologies. Her personal goal is to build a reasonably secure client OS. She hopes to achieve this goal with Qubes OS. She believes that every user has a right to privacy, and the right to keep their data on a local hard disk (or at least to do encryption on *their* computers).