JumpStart for Solaris Systems, Part One

by Ido Dubrawsky
Sept. 19, 2017 0 comments Symantec

In today's IT environment, the ability to provide consistency between system installations is critical. Installing various servers with the same system enables IT personnel to create a strong system image and to recover quickly from a system failure or intrusion. Since 2.1, Solaris has offered the power to quickly install systems in the form of JumpStart. This is the first of two articles that will look at JumpStart. This article will examine the basics of JumpStart: what it is and what benefits it may provide to system administrators. It will also discuss how these benefits can be used to create bastion hosts to be deployed throughout the enterprise. The second article in this series will discuss the complete installation of the bastion mail server using the JumpStart Architecture and Security Scripts (JASS) toolkit.