Keygenning: Part I

by Souhail Hammou
Oct. 7, 2017 0 comments INFOSEC Institute Encryption & Authentication

A key generator or a Keygen is a computer program that will generate a valid « Product Serial or Key » in order to completely register a software. The key generation process may require a name or e-mail to generate the serial, in other cases where no name or e-mail is required the validity of the serial may be checked by relying on hardware or using an algorithm that will play with the serial parts in order to determine if the provided key is correct or not. Different from patching and serial phishing, keygenning is defined as one of the hardest cracking techniques based on the fact that when coding, a working keygen you need to fully understand how the serial checking algorithm is working. This algorithm may relay on cryptography for instance MD5 hashing. So after understanding how the serial checking algorithm works, the reverser must code a computer program in thier favorite programming language that will generate a valid key, serial or license for the targeted software.