Using Certificate-Monitoring Tools with Windows Server 2008

by Robert J. Shimonski
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix Encryption & Authentication access control pki

One of the main objectives of administering certificates is to achieve an advanced level of security in your enterprise. Identity and access management should be taken very seriously. In this article we will very briefly cover what CA’s are and then cover the important aspects of using specific certificate-monitoring tools such as PKIView.msc and certutil.exe with Windows Server 2008. It is Important to know how certificates affect your security posture and if they are healthy or require maintenance, such as replacement. An expired certificate can show a request of a service to show that your security is weak or non-existent; many times it may even instigate an attack. It may also indicate that you have not taken care of your updates, do not have a maintenance routine, and do not get real time fault-based email or text alerts or worse. This article covers the importance of using certificates, and how to monitor them with Windows Server 2008.