Using Group Policy Filtering to Create a NAP DHCP Enforcement Policy (Part 1)

by Tom Shinder
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments TechGenix Management windows client security

Network Access Protection is a new network access control feature included with Windows Server 2008. Network Access Protection or NAP allows you to control which computers can participate on your network. The ability to participate on your network is determined by whether or not a NAP client computer can meet the security requirements set forth in your NAP policies. NAP has a number of “moving parts” that makes it inherently complex to configure. In addition to the number of moving parts, is the issue of what type of NAP enforcement you want to enable. For example, there are a number of NAP Enforcement Clients that control access to the network based on IP addressing information, or based on whether or not a client has a health certificate that allows it to connect to the network.