Making Database Security an IT Security Priority

by Tanya Baccam
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute application and database security

Organizations are becoming more concerned about data security, especially as the intrinsic value of our data continues to increase. However, database security often gets overlooked. Managing organizational assets such as data, as well as overall information security concerns, are two of the key technology areas having a large affect on companies today. Although it is often difficult to put an exact price tag on the data we store, we do know data is an extremely valuable asset, and the compromise and/or exposure of such information can cause significant damage to business and company reputation. As a result, a security strategy needs to be developed to address information security risks, including data security. Throughout this paper we discuss security strategy and the key controls that should be considered in an organization’s security strategy as they relate specifically to database security and protecting an organization’s information assets.