Making Smart Cards Work In the Enterprise

by Brett Lewis
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute Encryption & Authentication authentication

The time has come for enterprises to begin considering whether smart cards can be used to improve security in their environments. Smart cards offer a secure and convenient form factor on which employees can carry digital credentials for accessing parking facilities, buildings, computers, and network resources. Indeed, the ability for an employee to carry both physical and logical access credentials can be provided on a single card. Adding to the significance of smart cards, that same card can also be used for employee photo identification, and potentially a multitude of other applications, including encryption, digital signatures, secure storage of employee medical information, and electronic wallet for cafeterias and vending machines. Done right, a single-card solution can provide return on investment in the forms of vastly improved security, reduced need for certain security and IT personnel functions, and customer satisfaction. This paper examines some of the key benefits that ca...