Managing Peer-to-Peer Applications in Dormitory Networks

by Wayne Lai
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute Management tools

This paper will focus on the issue of peer - to - peer application (P2P app) managem ent in univer sity dormitory networks. Dorm networks are usually not tightly secured as an ordinary network and thus special procedures need to be used to either block or restrict the use of P2P apps for illegal file swapping. Most universities have exper ienced or are currently experiencing problems in dealing with P2P app management. This paper will start out with an overview of the typical P2P apps used in dorm networks. The paper then discusses the problems associated with P2P apps in dorm networks. T hen there is a brief discussion of how a dorm network security policy can be used for P2P app management. The bulk of this paper focuses on the tools for P2P app management. Then issues with P2P monitoring are discussed in the higher education environmen t. Throughout the paper, examples of actual universities and vendor tools are included. The paper concludes with the outlook ...