Meet Hicurdismos, a Windows scareware that is fooling many

by Derek Kortepeter
Sept. 1, 2017 1 comment TechGenix malware social engineering

As I reported a while back in my Fantom ransomware report, malware that cloaks itself as legitimate Microsoft software is on the rise. It is so convincing to many users that new infections are popping up every day. Once again there is a new malware threat tricking users through the Microsoft name. The malware in question has been named Hicurdismos and uses the threat of a fake “Blue Screen of Death” after infection to cause more infections. In a security blog post, the Microsoft Malware Protection Center showed a thorough analysis of how Hicurdismos operates. The bait is similar to other scareware attacks, namely in that Hicurdismos tricks the user into downloading a fake copy of Microsoft Security Essentials. Immediately this should raise alarm bells to those in-the-know, as MSE is no longer being used for the Windows OS (the default antivirus is now Windows Defender). Not enough people know this, and despite the continual warnings against downloading an .exe file, there have been...

2flash 8 months ago

Hicurdismos? Who is actually coming up with these names, I am wondering? :)