Mobile Malware and Defense

by Brian Davis
Oct. 2, 2017 1 comment Infosecwriters Detection & Response

Mobile devices have been increasing in number and, along with it, the prevalence of malicious software (malware) has also increased. Malware authors have not wasted any time creating programs that take advantage of different aspects of these devices. The popular mobile device operating systems, Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, all employ different techniques to try and prevent malicious software from finding its way onto these devices. Malicious software typically has a specific goal that it has been programmed to accomplish, which is to compromise sensitive information for financial gain. Fortunately, at the same time, programs and security guidelines have been created to counteract the malware threat.

ariadnalunguco 7 months, 1 week ago

There are more mobile devices, therefore, more malicious software. Luckily we have these programs and security guidelines! This article has made its point.