Netprowler--A Look at Symantec's Network Based IDS

by Eric Biedermann
Sept. 1, 2017 0 comments SANS Institute tools

System admi nistrato rs t oday face many chall enges present ed by the increased use of dat a networks and the desi re to connect priv ate corpo rate networks t o pub lic netwo rks. Cer tainly , o ne of the great est challen ges facin g admin istrato rs is how to secu re t heir networks against the ever - increasi ng threat s facin g comput er netwo rks t oday. The system admi nistrato r must balance the advantages o f all owing access to see min gly endl ess quant ities of inf ormation that the inter net possesses, against the disadvantages presented by the fact that t he same connection that all ows employ ees and custo mers to ac cess this in formation also all ows an avenue of att ack into t he corporate netwo rk. T he chall enge facin g enterp rise network admin istrato rs to day is to satisfy business needs by providing m ore access t o mor e information, while mai ntaining the privacy and integri ty of the corporat e network